Can your thread be automated?

What is allows you to post on many online forums (a.k.a. message boards) automatically through our online interface. Adding a new post to a thread every once in a while will bring it up to the first page, and gives you maximum exposure for potential customers.


Pretty much! We take a few measures to make sure that nobody can identify the use of this automation software:

Proxy rotation

We use a rotating proxy that uses 20 different IP addresses that also change twice daily. In addition, you can also configure your own proxy under your profile settings.

User agent randomization

Every request is assigned a random user agent. This means that the forum sees requests coming from various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. A random version number of the browser is also sent.

Message randomization or rotatation
(manual setup)

When setting up your thread post automation here, you can fill in multiple messages. When a thread is about to be posted on, the application will pick one of your messages at random, or post them sequentially depending on the option you choose.

So how does it work? simulates a regular browser. Once you login your forum account through our service, session cookies will be encrypted and saved to our database, to allow actions in name of your account. The software will simulate a post action from your account, using the identity protection mechanisms listed above.

The application monitors your threads 24/7, and will bump your thread periodically according to your settings.

Which forums are supported?

Currently there is generic support for the following forum softwares. Check out your thread URL above to see if yours is supported. Note that heavily modified forums might not work as expected. In those cases, feel free to file a support request.


In addition, several forums have been tested manually and will always work:

If all else fails, you can still file a support request and we'll see what we can do about supporting your forum.

Getting started

1. Create an account

Click here to create an account, or login with an existing account.

2. Get some credits

Purchase some credits to start bumping. Each credit equates to 1 bump for 1 thread. Don't want to pay? There is a free plan that allows you to setup your threads in the application, and you will be able to bump them manually, with a simple button click. Automated bumping requires credits though.

See Pricing

3. Add your threads and forum accounts

Start adding your threads and couple them to a forum account. Login each forum account so threads can be bumped automatically.