Automatically bump forum threads
Generate more sales through increased exposure
Always have your threads on top of the forum charts
Manage your threads everywhere

Getting Started

1. Create an account

Click here to create an account, or login with an existing account.

2. Get some credits

Purchase some credits to start bumping. Each credit equates to 1 bump for 1 thread. Don't want to pay? There is a free plan that allows you to setup your threads in the application, and you will be able to bump them manually, with a simple button click. Automated bumping requires credits though.

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3. Add your threads and forum accounts

Start adding your threads and couple them to a forum account. Login each forum account so threads can be bumped automatically.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Forum thread bumping is the process of making a post with the main purpose of bringing the post back up to the top of the forums. This gives the thread more exposure as it is more easily seen by forum users Bumping a forum thread is an easy way to get more customers to view your thread. However, bumping your forum threads can be quite a chore when you have many of them. Using this autobumper, you can simply add your thread URL (for one of the supported forums), link a forum account, and setup a bump interval. The application monitors the threads 24/7, and will bump your thread periodically according to your settings. Simple as that.

Which forums are supported?

Currently there are 16 forums supported:

Is your forum not in the list?

Request it here