FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: how and why does it work?

Answer: autobumper.io is an automation platform that repeats actions that you would normally do manually through your browser, i.e. opening a webpage, submitting a form, pressing a button or logging in an account. Since webbrowsing relies on HTTP requests, these requests can be inspected and copied, so a system can automate them.

Usually, various actions require another action to take place, like logging in. For instance, in order to post on a forum, you need to login a forum account first that has permissions to post on a particular thread. Logging in an account basically entails sending a request to the forum with a username + password, and the forum's server will return you a cookie if the login is correct. This session cookie uniquely identifies you as the authorized user of that particular account. So each time when doing one of these protected actions, like submitting a message on a forum thread, autobumper.io sends along this session cookie with the HTTP request so the message will be posted.


So to start automated posting on forum threads, you will enter the URL of your forum thread on autobumper.io. We will then automatically recognize which forum software this website uses, which determines what sequence of actions should be taken when automation starts.

Since these actions require a forum account to be logged in, you have to add a valid forum account for the particular website, and log it in using the autobumper.io application. Then, you couple your forum account to your thread so the autobumper knows which forum account to use.

Question: why should you use autobumper.io?


Answer: simply put it can save you a lot of time. Most of the customers use autobumper.io to bump their threads on various online markets. Having your threads near the top of the forum boards will get you more views, and ultimately more customers. Automating this process is worthwhile if you can't be bothered to type messages every day. This is especially the case when you have many different threads across many different forums.

Question: is autobumper.io undetectable?

Answer: in principle: yes, as long as you use it smartly. All actions that are automated by autobumper.io cannot be identified as coming from this application. However, webmasters will be able to see from which IP the requests are coming. Conveniently, autobumper.io uses a Rotating proxy with over 20.000 IP addresses, coming from many countries (but mainly US). If you'd like to use your own proxy, that can be easily set-up under your profile (or by clicking here).

Information on various systems that prevent recognition

When autobumper.io makes a request to a forum (which could be: logging in one of your accounts, creating a post, or pressing a bump button), it will be routed through the proxy which reserves an IP address for that particular request. Then, for a short duration, the same IP will be used (also called "sticky sessions") to complete the given action.

Secondly, each of the forum accounts you add to autobumper.io will be assigned a Random User-Agent. The User-Agent is a piece of data (an "HTTP header") that gets sent on every request, and allows the receiving end to identify which browser it is using. An example of a common user agent would be:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.149 Safari/537.36

Without going into specifics, this actually identifies as a Chrome browser. So when autobumper.io uses this User-Agent, the webserver will now see these requests as coming from 'Google Chrome'. The User-Agent is programmed to change every 30 days, for each forum account.

Thirdly, there are options available under the Forum thread options. The most important ones to take a look at are:

  • Message randomization
  • Bump frequency
  • Time deviation (delay)

Message randomization is a feature that should be used when the forum you are running this service on does not allow multiple posts with the same content. By setting up multiple messages, you can let autobumper.io pick one of your predefined messages, so it appears as if a different post is made each time. In order to use this effectively, you might want to set up at least 10 different messages. Currently it is not possible to provide any Regex based messages (which could *generate* messages based on particular options).

Bump frequency simply defines the interval of each action. When setting this to 8 hours for example, autobumper.io will trigger an action every 8 hours. Note that this is set up in such a way that when an action fails (due to server errors for instance), the automation will re-attempt the action in a few minutes, up to a maximum of 5 re-attempts. The next action will then be fired 8 hours after the last *completed* event.

Because creating a post or logging in can sometimes also take longer due to a Captcha page being solved, the action triggers will gradually shift forward in time. So when activating one of your threads in this application at 10:00AM, the next action could be 06:02PM (8 hours + 2 minutes work time), then 02:05AM (8 hours + 3 minutes work time), and so on and so forth. This means that actions are *relatively* timed (based on the previous action's completion time) and not *absolutely*.

Max. time delay is a handy feature that allows you to define a time range in which the action takes place. For example when setting this to

Frequency of Every 6 hours, Max. time delay of 30 minutes

...an action will take place with intervals of 6:00h to 6:30h. Which minute between these limits it is, is random for each new action.

So this concludes the systems in place to secure anonymity while using this service. If you have any ideas for improvements, be sure to leave a support ticket.

Question: what's the difference between posts and bumps?

Answer: well, in essence they are the same. More often than not, people simply post a message with the contents "bump", to indicate that they want to refresh their thread to the top of the page.

You'll notice that when you're adding a thread to autobumper.io, there is an option to select a "post" or a "bump" action. Some forums have a manual system in place to prevent bulk posts that have the sole purpose of bumping up a thread. This system is usually a "bump button". Simply clicking this button will bring up your thread without placing an actual message. autobumper.io has automated this process for you as well, so you can choose whether to automate the bump button or to automate a post.

Currently supported forums that have this manual bump functionality are: playerup.com, elitepvpers.com, ownedcore.com, epicnpc.com, community.tribot.org, mc-market.org .

Question: can I share my autobumper.io account without compromising my forum accounts?

Answer: our advise is to be careful when sharing your autobumper account. While it is not possible to retrieve passwords of forum accounts through our application, you *do* give them the ability to create forum posts through the interface, for all forum accounts that you have logged in. Systems are in place though that automatically hide sensitive data (cookies) from all log files visible to the end-user, so they will not be able to gain full access to your accounts outside of this application.

Question: I don't want to enter my forum account credentials on this website. Is there an alternative?

Answer: yes, we offer a Chrome browser extension which allows you to transfer login sessions without entering your password on autobumper.io.

Question: can I run this service on my own VPS?

Answer: no, this service is closed source and currently can only be used on this site autobumper.io. Future solutions might include the ability to host this application yourself.

Question: do you have an API?

Answer: no, not yet (well actually yes but it is not of much use without documentation, which is in the making).

Question: what does autobumper.io's name refer to?

Answer: autobumper is simply a combination of two words, namely "auto" and "bump". The ".io" extension is mostly used for web applications from the tech industry (you might know it from several online games).


(prefix) | /ɑː.t̬oʊ-/
happening automatically or operating without the help of any person.

~ dictionary.cambridge.org


(verb) | /bʌmp/
The action of posting on a forum thread in order to bring it to the top of the thread list. Sometimes said to be an abbrevation of "bring up my post".

~ autobumper.io