Terms and Conditions

1. Disclaimer

autobumper.io does not give an ensurance to bump a thread, but it makes an attempt to bump a thread. This subtle difference means that autobumper.io cannot be held accountable for any consequences caused by failed bumps, caused by either this service or the forum in question.

In addition, autobumper.io is not liable for banned forum accounts, locked threads, account infractions, reputation damage, monetary damage or any other damage for that part caused by the use of this software. To minimize your chances of forum infractions, Please check with your forum/website beforehand if autobumping is permitted.

Lastly, measures taken by targeted forums or websites that cause non-working autobumping (including but not limited to: Cloudflare, captcha's, software updates, spam protection and/or IP blacklists), may result in an unsatisfactory service. You cannot derive rights from the failure of this service. However, in most cases, technical issues can be resolved in a matter of days.

2. Usage Guidelines & Restrictions

autobumper.io will keep the right ...

  1. ... to deny any user access to this service based on whichever grounds deemed appropriate.
  2. ... to forbid particular content from being posted. This includes but is not limited to threads/posts containing: hatred, racism, violence, excessive spam, nudity, injustice, other autobump services and/or scamming.
3. Payments & Pricing

When using an external payment provider like PayPal to pay for your order, any responsibility over your funds will be held by them. autobumper.io will try to ensure you a pleasant checkout experience.

4. Credits

Credits provide the pay-per-use system for autobumper.io. Each credit equates to one bump for one unique thread, on one single forum. Failed bump attempts, for instance due to authentication problems or locked threads, will not deduct a credit from your credit stash. Instead, the service will re-attempt to bump the thread at a later time. After subsequent failures for the same thread, the service will automatically disable the thread. Manual user interaction is then necessary to enable it again.

The pricing of a credit may change over time. However, this does not mean your already purchased credits change in value. Each obtained credit will still provide you with one bump action.

Credits are, in essence, non refundable. However, a refund may be requested when autobumper.io fails to provide a satisfying service. Requests may or may not be honored on whichever grounds deemed appropriate.

5. Privacy Policy

autobumper.io may collect the following data in order to improve our product. This data will never be disclosed to third parties, unless you have taken damaging actions against our product. The following data might be collected:

  1. Data directly entered into the application like: thread URL's, thread messages and forum account names.
  2. Data related to HTTP requests that directly functions as the source of the autobumping service, i.e. cookies and HTTP responses. In any case, all request log and action log data older than 30 days will be deleted automatically. The storage of this data is only used as a debugging tool for the end user.
  3. Data sent from any of the Browser extensions (which are cookies). These cookies will only ever be associated with your own account on autobumper.io, and always with the user's consent (the browser extensions do not do anything unless you use its interface).

Furthermore, we take utmost care of the data we store. Sensitive data like cookies will be stored in encrypted format to ensure that it cannot be used outside of the application in case of a hack.

By using our website you have acknowledged and accepted all of the terms above.