Cookie Synchronizer (Google Chrome extension)

Transfer your logged in forum accounts directly from your browser

Since we wanted to provide an alternative to entering forum account passwords on, we have developed an extension for Google Chrome (in a minimalistic way*) which allows you to simply copy over an existing login session from your browser directly into This means that you do not need to enter your forum account password anymore on our website! (however this functionality still remains available).

As an added bonus, the extension will also allow you to use forums which were previously unavailable due to login Captcha's.

You can now login on any of your forums in your Chrome browser, and once you are logged in, you synchronize the cookies using one button click so that your forum account can share the session and has the permission to post forum messages.

Check out the Chrome Extension

* The extension does not do anything unless you click the icon in your address bar and click "Synchronize".

Example 1 of  the cookie synchronizer plugin

Example of the synchronization on a specific forum.

Example 2 of  the cookie synchronizer plugin

Example of synchronization on

How-To Guide

  1. Install the extension
  2. Go to the forum's website you want to use with
  3. Login to the forum in the Chrome browser itself (or be logged in already). Note that you should check any "Remember me" options when logging in; this ensures the longevity of your login session
  4. Be sure you are logged in to as well in the same browser (the extension will tell you)
  5. Open the extension button by clicking on the rocket icon in your Chrome menu
  6. Select your forum account from the list
  7. Click "Synchronize"
  8. Your login status should now reflect immediately on and you're ready to automate posting!

Also, a Firefox extension is on its way!